Talk Disney to Me – Polyvore Outfit of the Week

Talk Disney to Me
Hi, my name is Sarah and I love Disney. There, I have admitted it. For those that know me, my love of Disney is no secret. As I have grown up, my love for Disney has not diminished, it has simply evolved. I love watching classic Disney films and seeing them in a whole new light, spotting things I had missed as a child and appreciating the films in a whole new way.
One of my favourite things to do then is to obviously visit Disney World. I have been there twice, once as a child and once just before I turned 21. Each trip was magical (as I am sure every trip would be) but for its own reasons. Disney parks are like Disney films, with new things to appreciate each time, and for a trip to Disney, you need a special outfit.
This week’s Outfit of the Week is a tribute to my love of all things Disney, and I would be more than happy wearing this whilst exploring Epcot or whilst hanging out with friends at the weekend. I am completely in love with the bag and the necklace, and need to have more Disney in my wardrobe.

Green Fingers

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This year, I have been making a real effort to focus on little things that make me happy. One big thing that always makes me happy is sunshine. Here in Britain, there are usually one or two glorious weeks of sunshine followed by constant rain. It did not even snow here in Manchester this winter – it just kept raining.

As soon as the weather was dry I made sure to spend as much time in the garden as possible.My dad and I had decided that we were going to completely renovate the garden, and that is exactly what we did. I booked a few days off work, took a trip to the local garden centre and stocked up on supplies.

It was hard work, but it has been really lovely to watch all of the flowers begin to bloom. There are more and more opening up every day, and the garden has completely transformed. Whilst I do not think that I will ever be presenting at The Chelsea Flower Show, I am very proud of my little patch of heaven.

IMG_2449 IMG_2451

Tory Burch Gifts

The holiday season is well and truly on us now, and many of us are trying to find the perfect gifts for our nearest and dearest. I much prefer to give people one or two well thought out presents rather than a ton of generic, thoughtless ones. One of my go to places for friends is Tory Burch.


Each season Tory Burch releases some stunning pieces, and I love gifting them to my friends almost as much as I love buying them for myself. Everyone seems to be creating their holiday gift list for close friends and relatives right the way through to third cousins twice removed and their pets. This list though, is a round up of a few of my gifting favorites for the special women in your life.

TB_22139299_410TB_31139073_001TB_41139309_504 TB_41139464_255

1. Thea Zip Coin Case 2. Robinson Traveler 3.Robinson Saffiano Middy Satchel Key Fob 4. Kerrington Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5s

These are classic, timeless gifts that any woman would be delighted to receive. I have had my eye on the key fob for a while, and if Santa does not bring me one I may just have to treat myself.

Everyone knows it’s best to wrap up warm when facing the cold, and with these beautiful pieces it is hard not to look stylish whilst out and about:

TB_32135068_326 TB_32135079_448 TB_41135103_607

5. Bow Gloves 6. Wide Brim Hat 7. Mix Scale Planthra Scarf