Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

1) Train Journeys

My trip to London this week has reignited my passion for travelling by train. I love being able to relax and read a magazine as mile after mile of Britain flies past my window. Sometimes I watch the views for the whole journey. For me, the journey is just as important as the destination.

2) My Bed

After such a long and busy week, I have been looking forward to climbing into bed at the end of each day. Sleep is so important, and everyone knows that a lack of sleep can effect your looks, concentration and mood. I always try to get plenty of rest, but sometimes things get in the way. This week, I have been doing all sorts of little things to make going to bed an even more relaxing experience. Things such as new bedding, new pyjamas and overnight face serums all add to make it even better.

3) Time with my Dad

It was Fathers Day on Sunday, and although we did not do anything special on the day I am taking him to see the Minions Movie and then for dinner tonight. I love spending time with my dad, and it is so nice to see how close we are. I am sure that there will be lots of laughter today, and I am so glad that I get to spend so much time with him.

4) Fleur DeForce

Is there anything that I need to say about this lovely lady? I love her videos, and there is always a new product, tip or brand to discover. See her New in June video below.

5) Good Friends

My life has been full of great times with even greater people. We are all at different stages of our lives, but each one of these fantastic people have taught me about life and about myself. Some are people I have only known for a year or two, others I have known for half a decade. Having dinner and chatting about anything and everything will always be one of my favourite ways to spend my time.


Blog On MOSI

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Blog On MOSI to spend the whole day surrounded by bloggers and discussing everything blogging related. I had been looking forward to it for ages, and it certainly did not disappoint! In the weeks leading up to it, Laura from Tired Mummy of Two, who also owns, runs and organises the Blog On conferences had been teasing us all with photos of items to be in the goody bags, lists of companies that would be attending and details of the speakers for each workshop.

Blog On MOSI Cashmere and Confetti


This was my first blog conference, and whilst everyone in the Facebook group was reassuring the newbies that everyone was so friendly and that we would leave with lots of new friends, it was difficult to shake the worry that I would spend the day stood or sat by myself, whilst everyone chatted around me. As soon as I arrived though, I knew that the group had been right, as I got chatting to the lovely Mary from The Hearty Life and Esther of Inside Out and About .

Blog On Cashmere and Confetti Notes


Everyone was so friendly, and I cam away with new friends and many new blogs to read. The day was full of interesting information, opportunities to speak to some lovely brands and learn so much. Some of the sessions were more useful to me than others, but I came away from each one with new ideas, ways to look at my blog and tips for improving it.

Hotter Blog On Cashmere and CloudsJames Villas Blog On Cashmere and Confetti

More Drinks BLOG ON


Some of the brands that I had a fantastic time chatting to included Hotter Shoes, More Drinks and James Villas. Each one had something interesting to consider when working with a brand and it was lovely to hear that they were so interested in working with bloggers and creating fantastic content for their audience.

At the end of a long, tiring but fun day came something we had been teased with for weeks…goody bag! There were so fantastic products, and Laura had even set up a goody bag amnesty for people to contribute items that they knew they would not use, for donation to charities and places that would really benefit. That as perfect for me, especially as there was a bag full of things for babies and children. Having no children of my own, it would have been difficult and pointless for me to search for someone to share them with, but it was so nice knowing that they would be used by other who needed and would appreciate them, and I was more than happy to contribute.

Goody Bag Cashmere and Confetti


I am already looking forward to the next one, and will certainly be keeping my eyes open for any other blogging conferences to attend! Do you know of any?

July Round Up

Yes I know that July ended over two weeks ago, but things have been so busy that I have not had a chance to post about how fantastic July was for me. I spent the month enjoying the lovely weather, eating lots of ice cream and with the people that I love the most.

The first big event that I went to in July was the Tatton Park Foodie Festival. I was a very lucky lady and had won two tickets from Jenny over at Mummy Makes Cakes, so I purchased one more and took my parents for a day out. The festival ran for three days, and after looking at the weather forecast for the weekend I decided to go on the Friday. It was certainly the right choice, as the weather was perfect all day long.

photo 1  photo 2



There were such a wide variety of stalls, and there were some fantastic foods and drinks to sample. The most unique stall was this lovely bar that has been transformed from a small trailer. It even has a chandelier!


photo 3 SAM_0621


The second event that I went to was the Giant Spectacular in Liverpool. The event was last in Liverpool in 2012, and is the most amazing street theatre I have ever seen.  This year’s performance marked the centenary of the beginning of the first world war, and tells a story through a girl, her dog and her grandmother.


SAM_0651SAM_0647  SAM_0672


Again I took my parents to see this, and it was a fantastic day out. There were so many people, but the atmosphere was so friendly and it was nice to show my parents a city that they had never been to before. The puppets were so impressive, and I am so glad that we went to see them.

We may have also have stopped at the beach for a bit on the way back…

                                                                                        photo (1)