Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

1) David Attenborough Documentaries

Do I really need to explain this one? The man is amazing, and I would happily watch a documentary by him about paint drying. I am sure it would be fascinating. One of the things I enjoy most on a Sunday is to curl up on the sofa, wearing a face mask and to pop on a documentary. Whether is it about lions or insects, I am equally interested.

2) Strawberry and White Chocolate Magnum Ice Creams

I have always loved Magnums. The white chocolate and vanilla ones used to be my favourite, but recently that has changed. The white chocolate and strawberry flavour have the delicious white chocolate coating that I love, but the strawberry ice cream has layers of  strawberry sauce, creating a lovely refreshing flavour.

3) Macarons

Last Saturday I was out shopping with my mum and discovered the English Rose Bakery, selling the most amazing macarons, cakes and meringues. They have the most incredible flavour combinations and they are the perfect little treat to finish off a hectic day.

4) Tea

It may be my britishness, but there is nothing that cannot be made more relaxing by the addition of a cup of tea. Tea really does make everything better. I love unwinding at the weekend and at the end of the day with a hot cup of tea, and it always tastes better if I am wearing my pyjamas…I am sure that is a scientific thing.

5) Sunny Evenings

With the warmer weather finally arriving this week, it has been so nice to be able to enjoy the evenings. Rather than leaving work with the sun shining and arriving home to a sky full of clouds, I have been able to enjoy a few hours of sunshine to help me relax and unwind.


What has been making you happy this week?


Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

1) Train Journeys

My trip to London this week has reignited my passion for travelling by train. I love being able to relax and read a magazine as mile after mile of Britain flies past my window. Sometimes I watch the views for the whole journey. For me, the journey is just as important as the destination.

2) My Bed

After such a long and busy week, I have been looking forward to climbing into bed at the end of each day. Sleep is so important, and everyone knows that a lack of sleep can effect your looks, concentration and mood. I always try to get plenty of rest, but sometimes things get in the way. This week, I have been doing all sorts of little things to make going to bed an even more relaxing experience. Things such as new bedding, new pyjamas and overnight face serums all add to make it even better.

3) Time with my Dad

It was Fathers Day on Sunday, and although we did not do anything special on the day I am taking him to see the Minions Movie and then for dinner tonight. I love spending time with my dad, and it is so nice to see how close we are. I am sure that there will be lots of laughter today, and I am so glad that I get to spend so much time with him.

4) Fleur DeForce

Is there anything that I need to say about this lovely lady? I love her videos, and there is always a new product, tip or brand to discover. See her New in June video below.

5) Good Friends

My life has been full of great times with even greater people. We are all at different stages of our lives, but each one of these fantastic people have taught me about life and about myself. Some are people I have only known for a year or two, others I have known for half a decade. Having dinner and chatting about anything and everything will always be one of my favourite ways to spend my time.

Polyvore Outfit of the Week: High Fashion

High Fashion
One of the many things that I love about doing these outfit of the week posts is that I get to have so much fun deciding what look to put together for each week. Sometimes I feel like keeping things casual, but not today. Today I decided to go all out and put together an extravagant but elegant outfit that I would love to be able to wear to a very fancy party.
I have a feeling that if I owned this dress, I would never be out of it. I can just picture myself wandering around the house in it and stopping to twirl every time I caught my reflection in something. I may not be able to afford it, but I can dream right?

Darling – Polyvore Outfit of the Week

I really love looks that are versitile, and that can help you transition from one event to another. Whether it be from lunch with the girls to shopping or from a day trip out to dinner. This outfit ticks all of the boxes for me. I love the pops of colour and the classic bag will be perfect for all sorts of occasions. The dress is perfect for barbeques, shopping or a trip to the seaside, and the classic fragrance adds a hint of extravagance.
What would your perfect transition outfit look like?

Summer Wedding – Polyvore Outfit of the Week

Summer Wedding
If my social media feeds are anything to go by, then Summer Wedding Season is most certainly here. There are no weddings currently in my calendar, but as many of my friends are getting engaged and planning summer weddings, I am always on the look out for inspiration and potential summer wedding outfits.
I love this look for a summer wedding as it has everything that I love: colour, class and sparkle. It would go perfectly with a royal blue wrap if the weather becomes cooler as the night goes on, and the jewellery adds the perfect touch of sparkle without seeming as though it is trying to outshine the bride.
What would your perfect summer outfit be?

Things My Skin Loves

Things my skin loves

I seem to have the most challenging skin type ever! My skin, if left to it’s own devices, is dry and dull. To make it worse, my skin is also really sensitive. I have spent many years searching for the perfect products for me, and I am finally really happy with the items I am using.

Angles on Bare Skin – £6.40 from Lush is the most amazing facial cleanser, and at only £6.40 for 100g is super affordable. This was recommended to me by one of that staff whilst I was looking for the holy grail of skincare, and they were so right! It contains kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, leaving skin clean and nourished, but is super gentle. The lavender, which I will admit I was a little worried about at first (it’s not my favourite scent) works with the ground almonds in the cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it looking brighter, whilst the almond milk leaves your skin feeling more toned and baby soft. This is a solid cleanser, and you simply break a little of, mix it with water to form a paste, and then begin rub it into your face. The results are amazing.

Hand Food – £5 by Soap and Glory was a surprise discovery a few months ago. I love Soap and Glory products, but because of my sensitive skin I am always really wary of trying new products. My mum had actually bought me some little treats to put in my Christmas stocking, and this was one of them. It is now a firm favourite. It moisturises my hands without leaving them greasy, and without my sensitive skin reacting badly. A little goes a long way with this one, so although it is a little more expensive than some others, it is worth it.

Butter Yourself Body Cream – £10.50 again this one is also from Soap and Glory. I decided to give this a go when a friend said that it was one of the best body creams she had ever used. This looks expensive, but for 300 ml of really good, high quality body cream it is excellent value for money. I love using this straight after having a shower, and it smells divine!

Balmi Lip Balm – £4.99 by Balmi is a fairly new brand over here. It was the unusual shape of the container that first caught my eye, and as it was on a 3 for 2 offer I decided to give it a try. I picked the raspberry one, and it constantly being used. As with most women, I seem to have a million lip balms, and I leave them everywhere. I keep this one in my bag, and then not only do I know that I always have one with me, but the sturdy case keeps me reassured that the top is not going to come off and stain everything. The balm itself is clear, but has a lovely flavor and keeps my lips soft for hours.

Total Moisture Facial Cream – £28.50 from Benefit is a real game changer for me. I often find that I either have a reaction to a face cream straight away, or after using for a while, suddenly something changes and I have to go on the hunt for another. I have been using this for about a year now, and it always feel lovely to put this on. Whilst the pot is not the easiest for application, it does mean that you can use every last drop. My skin feels so much better now that I have discovered this, and the scent is lovely and clean.

Moisture Prep Toning Lotion – £23.50 by Benefit is one of my best skincare discoveries. It makes sure that there is no make up or dirt left on my face, and really helps to hydrate and sooth my skin. As with all of Benefit’s skincare range, a little goes a long way, and your skin will thank you for it.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion – £21.50 by Benefit is a new discovery for me. About three months ago whilst stocking up on all kinds of lovely things. I now use this on top of the Facial Cream every morning, and there is a noticeable difference. I love that just as with the Facial Cream, it does not leave my skin oily or shinny.

What is your skin currently loving?

Essence UK Launch Party

On Sunday I was lucky enough to attend the launch party to celebrate Essence’s arrival here in the UK. I’ve been listening to Breige over at Rare Opal gushing about Essence cosmetics for a few months now, so I was pretty eager to see what all the fuss was about.

The launch was held at The Studio in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It is a fantastic location to host an event anyway, but Essence and Flipside PR had completely transformed the room into a make up lovers paradise. There was a 2 meter display stand full of make up to be investigated, as well as areas specifically devoted to nails, lips, eyes and face. These areas were perfect for trying out products and seeing how others were planning to use each item – and it’s a great way to get new ideas and inspirations.

Essence Launch Cashmere Confetti

Essence Launch by Cashmere and Confetti

I was really pleased to hear that Essence do not test on animals, and that they routinely inspect their suppliers. I also love that they market their products to those that are young at heart, not just teenage girls – it is so refreshing! I was also really impressed to hear that each year Essence will change 50% of it’s product line, ensuring that there is always something new, and that you can keep up with the latest trends at an affordable price.

Essence Launch by Cashmere and Confetti

As well as playing with all of the delightful make up, there was also the chance to get a manicure from the Pamper Puff Girls. I decided to go for a summery coral fittingly called Off to Miami. I have been searching for the perfect coral nail polish for a while, and this certainly fits the bill. I have been wearing this for 3 days without a chip.

Pamper Puff Girls by Cashmere and Confetti

 I took home lots of goodies to experiment and play with – but that is a post for another day. You will just have to trust me for now when I say that they are really, really good. If you cannot wait and just want to try everything for yourself, there is an Essence stand in Manchester Arndale, as well as one in Westfields Shepards Bush. They will also be in Wilkonsons/Wilkos stores from July.

Lips by Cashmere and Confetti

Thanks to Essence UK and Flipside PR for hosting such a great event!