Do What You Love

I’m back! The past few weeks seem to have gone by in such a blur, and it has been hard to find any time to sit down and really think about what I should write about.

Work has been insanely busy but at the same time it has been so rewarding and it has challenged me in ways I never thought it would. In the past few months, I have gone from being a regular team member (although there were only two people on our team), to being promoted and losing the person that had been my manager. There have been so many things that I have had to learn how to do, without anyone to show me. I have certainly learnt a lot about myself through this process, and thankfully I love my job even more know than I originally did.

Passion has always been a driving force for me. Although money helps, I would rather do something I love for little money, rather than something that bores me or that I hate for more money. From the moment I started working for my current company, I knew I had found the career for me. The role and location may change, but as long as I feel passionate about what I am doing, then I am happy.


lovewhatyoudoThese are two amazing prints that I purchased from Jackie over on her Etsy store. They are so beautiful, and I cannot wait to get them framed and hung on my wall. Jackie has so many stunning designs and they arrived quickly and so well packaged. It always worries me if I purchase items that need to be posted by air mail, but these arrived safe and sound.

There are some big things beginning to happen over here, and as soon as I can let you know more I will. I cannot wait to be able to reveal more about it all.


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